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After I declared bankruptcy for the second time, I realized I needed to learn how to manage my money a lot better. I had always kind of done my own thing in regard to balancing my checkbook and things like that, but I could tell that it wasn't working for me. Instead of continuing to guess, I realized I needed to work with a financial professional to figure out where I was going wrong. It was hard for me to open up to someone, but the meetings that I had made a huge difference. I was able to learn how to manage my money, and seven years later my finances are in great shape. Check out this blog to learn how to manage your money.


Don’t Spend A Night In Jail By Using A Bail Bond Service

16 December 2015
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Bail was a concept designed to prevent people from spending a long time in jail while waiting for their hearing. If you find yourself being charged with a crime and held pending a hearing, posting bail gets you back home to your family. But if the bail amount is higher than what you can come up with, the bail bond process is there to help. Here is how a bail bond still gets you out of the cell and back home again. Read More …

Three Things To Consider When Looking For A New Checking Account

15 December 2015
 Categories: Finance & Money, Blog

When some people are on the hunt for a new checking account, they don't give the process a lot of thought. They choose a reputable bank with a convenient location and go from there. Don't make this mistake. While these are important factors, they aren't the only factors. Make sure you are investigating all your options before selecting a new checking account. Here are just some of the factors you want to consider on your search. Read More …

Three Things You Need To Understand About Bail Bonds

14 December 2015
 Categories: Finance & Money, Blog

If you are booked on any sort of charge and want to be sure that you are able to get the release that you need, you will need to understand the bail bond process. Going through the judicial process can be a scary place, but you will have more peace of mind putting together your case out in the world as opposed to behind bars. A bail hearing will grant you that release, so to receive this release in the most efficient way possible, consider the points below to learn the information that will help you out. Read More …

3 Things To Do When A Loved One Is Arrested And Jailed

13 December 2015
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No one wants to get a collect call from a loved one only to learn that he or she has been arrested and is in jail. Learning that a loved one is in jail can be very stressful, but it is essential to do several things in order to have the person released from custody while not causing problems with the case. Take the following steps after learning that someone you love is in jail: Read More …

4 Reasons To Hire A Financial Planner

11 December 2015
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If you're struggling to handle your own finances, it may be time to get professional help. Luckily, a financial planner can help in many ways and can make your life a lot easier. Take a look at the following information to better understand the reasons as to why you should hire a financial planner to assist you with your money matters. Get Help with Budgeting If you're struggling to keep up with your bills each month while also paying off your past debts, you may need help with budgeting. Read More …