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After I declared bankruptcy for the second time, I realized I needed to learn how to manage my money a lot better. I had always kind of done my own thing in regard to balancing my checkbook and things like that, but I could tell that it wasn't working for me. Instead of continuing to guess, I realized I needed to work with a financial professional to figure out where I was going wrong. It was hard for me to open up to someone, but the meetings that I had made a huge difference. I was able to learn how to manage my money, and seven years later my finances are in great shape. Check out this blog to learn how to manage your money.


Coin Care Tips for Collectors

17 November 2020
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Failing to effectively protect and care for your coins can be a major mistake if you are in the process of starting a coin collection. Unfortunately, it can be surprisingly easy to make these mistakes, and they can result in sizable losses when it comes to the value of your coins. Avoid Handling Old Coins It is essential for you to avoid handling your ancient or old coins as much as possible. Read More …

What You Should Know About Socially Responsible Investing

24 June 2020
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If you are new to the financial game of investing, then you may be wondering what you should invest in and how you should choose those investments. There are many different strategies to use for choosing investments and for getting your portfolio started. One such option is to make socially responsible investments. Learn about some of the facts you should know about socially responsible investing. Then, you can best decide if socially responsible investments are the way to go in your new investing endeavors. Read More …

Ready To Plan For Your Estate? 3 Uncommon Tips To Help You Develop The Best Possible Estate Plan

28 December 2019
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You spend your entire life building up wealth and accumulating personal belongings, which is why it is smart to have a plan for all those personal belongings when you pass away. An estate plan will ensure the things that you built up in this life are given to the right people when you pass away. Uncommon Tip #1: Plan for Personal Items First, you need to have a plan for personal items that don't hold a large monetary value, as these are the things that often matter the most to people once you are gone and are looked over the most often in estate planning. Read More …

3 Tips To Start Improving Your Credit

10 March 2016
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Credit is more important than many realize. It determines whether you are going to get a loan, a job, a home and even a good rate on your insurance. Because of this, you want to make sure your credit is in the best shape it can be. Regardless of what might have happened in the past, you can begin improving your credit today and reshape it for the future. Follow these three tips below to start your credit on the right track. Read More …

Does A Reverse Mortgage Make Sense For You?

23 December 2015
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Your primary residence is the largest single asset most Americans have. However, unlike CDs, stocks and other financial instruments, home equity generally isn't available to the homeowner unless he or she sells the house. For older Americans, who own their homes outright, a reverse mortgage is a way to tap into the value that's been building up for years without having to move away from the home you've created so many memories in. Read More …