Working With A Bail Bond Agency: Check These Points First

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Working With A Bail Bond Agency: Check These Points First

8 August 2022
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Bail bonding agencies provide those in need of a release from jail with a lot of help. However, it's advisable to do your due diligence on the bail bond agency before you come to an agreement. Though almost all bail agencies are above reproach, knowing what to look for might help you decide on the best agency for you. Read on and find out more.

Know What They Do 

Bail bonding agencies are not affiliated with the jail or the courts. However, most bonding agents are familiar with the way things work at those places. Bail bonding agents provide loved ones and defendants with a much-needed friendly ear and helpful advice at times when things seem to be going very badly.

The courts charge bail for a release from jail but a bail bonding agency charges only a percentage of the full bail. Phone a local agency, provide them with the full amount of the bail, and find out how affordable using a bail bond can be. You will agree to certain bail conditions and pay the bail fee or premium at the office. The agent will arrange for the release of the defendant.

Know About Licensing

Bail bonding agencies must be licensed and follow the rules set out by the state. Since bail bonding agents work closely with law enforcement, they would be foolish not to adhere to the standards as prescribed by state law. You can check with your state to find out about a particular bail bonding agency as well as the city hall for a business license. If you are already working with a criminal defense lawyer, they can certainly recommend a good agency to use.

Location is Important

You should use a bail agency located near the jail or courthouse. That way, you know that it's convenient and quick when arranging for a jail release. It also means they personally know the people working at the jail and courthouse that perform the actual release. Never give money to a bail agent who wants to meet you in a parking lot, restaurant, or other unconventional locations. Bail agents should have physical locations that are easy to find and have convenient parking in safe areas of town.

Contact a bail bonding officer and find out what needs to be done to get your loved one out of jail. Find out what forms of payment to bring with you and ask about collateral. Speak to a bail bond agency to find out more.