Paying Off Your Post-Holiday Bills: Helpful Hints For You

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Paying Off Your Post-Holiday Bills: Helpful Hints For You

10 December 2015
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When the holidays roll around, you feel inspired and sometimes even required, to go out and buy the perfect gifts for everybody in your life. After all, the holidays have become all about the spirit of giving and about delighting the people in your life with gifts. The problem with this can be that finding all of these gifts can put a major dent in your finances, even to the point where you spend a great deal more that you can afford. Once the fun of the holidays has passed, you find yourself staring at a pile of bills and wondering what you can do to get your budget back on track. Get to know some of the ways that you can bounce back and get your finances back in order following your holiday shopping sprees.

Payday Loans

One of the short-term solutions for the financial trouble you may experience after breaking the budget over the holidays is to try a payday loan. These are short-term loans that are meant to be paid back quickly but can get you through the month following the holidays if you have bills that absolutely need to be paid right away.

For example, if you spent a great deal on gifts but need to also pay rent or your car payment before your next payday, you can take out a payday loan to cover those amounts until your next few paychecks come in. These loans do carry higher interest rates than long-term loans. However, in a pinch, they may be your absolute best option and the only way that you can be sure your bills get paid.

Transfer High-Interest Balances to Lower Interest Cards

Another way to help you deal with your spending after the holidays is actually to look for new credit cards to apply for. Look for new cards that have 0% APR for the first 6 month or for a year, if possible. If not, look for cards that offer an extremely low interest rate, even if that is only temporary for a few months or a year. Be sure that these low interest rates also apply to balance transfers.

When you get these cards, do not make any additional purchases with them. Instead, transfer the balances from your higher interest cards to these low interest options. Make a plan to pay off your holiday balances before the interest rate on your new card or cards increases. Once you pay off the balances, you can close the accounts, keeping your credit score intact and helping you to pay off your balances over a longer period of time.

Now that you have a few ideas of how to pay off your post-holiday bills, you can get started and get your finances back on track as soon as possible.

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